Tooning In: Getting Started
(No prerequisite)
6 hours

An introduction to voice tooning, this workshop focuses on the fundamentals of voice acting, including the technical aspects of recording, vocal care, and business basics. You'll be given studio and session tips, and you'll learn microphone techniques and recording studio etiquette. We'll also teach you an effective vocal workout and you'll learn how to make Canadian sound American. By the end of this workshop you'll have a solid understanding of the voice over industry and what it takes to become a successful voice over actor.

Tooning Up: Memorable Auditions
(Prerequisite: Tooning in)
4 hours

Auditioning can be nerve-wracking! Especially if you don't know what is expected of you. This workshop teaches you how to land that role! You'll be given tips for animation scripts and learn how to make your audition a productive experience.

Dramatic Tooning: Laff and Cry
(Prerequisite: Tooning Up)
4 hours

This class gets serious! You will learn to understand the story, relationships between characters, and how to create a real and believable scene all on your own. You'll be introduced to realism, paralleling real voices into dramatic performances, nuances, and you'll exercise your emotional range.

Imagination Part I: How to Create Something from Nothing
(Prerequisite: Dramatic Tooning)
4 hours

Time to get creative! In this workshop you'll create three unique characters (using pictures in class) and learn how to explore those voices inside of you and how to recall your characters. Also, you'll master auditioning with voices, and how to effectively work a scene with multiple voices.

Imagination Part II: Giving Your Voices Character
(Prerequisite: Imagination Part I)
4 hours

So you've discovered those voices that were buried deep inside of you. The next step to be success in the voice over industry is learning to sustain your characters through a multitude of scenarios and recording sessions. Using the three characters you developed in Imagination Part I, you will see how well the voices you created work in the confines of different scenes. You will master taking direction, durability, endurance, and practicality with your characters. You will have the opportunity to take those voices to the next level and layer them with believability and naturalism. You'll also gain practical experience sustaining your characters- a skill that is absolutely critical when it comes to working in video games and animation.

Real Toons: Making Toons Real
(Prerequisite: Imagination Part II)
4 hours

Cartoons aren't just 'slapstick & wacky characters'. There are also dramatic, soap opera and realistic style shows, movies and games. This course shows you how to use your natural voice, or a variation of it, in dramatic performances within the time constraint of dubbing. We'll teach you how to use nuances, life sounds and inflections to convey subtle moments while accessing your emotional range (crying, fighting, and honest anger). You'll learn to do this and create a real situation for yourself all while standing in a recording booth. You'll also learn the importance of understanding the story (not just of the episode, but the entire series), relationships between characters, and how to make the scene your own.

Tooning Excellence Part I: Prepping For Prelay
Tooning Excellence Part II: Bringing it All Together

(Prerequisite: Real Toons)
8 hours

These two workshops are currently offered as a package. You'll come to class with three prepared voices and we'll take you through theatre sports and vocal exercises and games. You'll learn everything involved in prelay, including how to prepare for a session and the various steps and restrictions involved. In the second half of the class you'll have fun recording an actual prelay session with a director!


All workshops are limited to 10 students to ensure an in-depth, hands-on learning environment.

Package deals and discount rates are available, please contact us at for more information.


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