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The 12th issue of Toon Times features voice actor Roger Rhodes, and the new series Weebles! Also in this issue is the history of Weebles, and invaluable tips for a successful recording session!

Feature Voice Performer

Roger Rhodes

"From as far back as I can remember I've done voices. In school I was always getting kicked out of class for imitating people or doing silly voices. One of my teachers told me once, 'If you want to be a clown, join the circus.' So, in a way I guess I did."
To date he's appeared in over 15 series, games and specials including SABER MARIONETTE J, SABER MARIONETTE J-X, G-GUNDAM as the charming French fighter CHIBODEE CROCKET, and Z-GUNDAM as the ruthless JAMAICAN…
To us he is Roger: a very talented actor, a great person, a wonderful friend with a ready smile and the pride of Chinook Animation!

New Series Profile


Welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of Weebles - where everything is always just a bit wibblier more fun. It's great to have them back - wibblier, wobblier and sillier than ever before. These days are a brand new band of cheeky animals, living in a super fun town called Weebleville. A weebly bit different than before but still loads of fun to play with! Oh and of course, they still wobble - and they never fall down.

Fun never stands still in the wobbly world of WEEBLVILLE, where BUMPUS, TIBBY, TOOEY, and all the WEEBLES friends show us that when trouble strikes, you've got to bounce right back!

Feature Voice Performer

Carol-Anne Day

From shy girl to scream queen, meet the fearless…..Ms. Day!

Carol-Anne is a veteran performer at Chinook Animation; she's been delighting audiences for more than 11 years! Carol-Anne's a consummate professional and always makes difficult roles appear easy!

Scream Queen, Comedian, Action Hero and Heart Breaker…..
Make way for the lovely….Ms. Day!

New Series Profile

Di Gi Charat nyo!

Attention! Attention! Cuteness will now be taken to a psychotic degree! Meet Dejiko, along with Puchiko and Gema, as they travel to Earth from the Planet Di Gi Charat as part of Dejiko's training to become a proper princess. Well, just leave it up to these three to crash land in the Lucky Cat Shopping District and become separated.

"Di Gi Charat", originally created as an advertisement for Japanese Anime and character goods store "Gamers" (one opened in Los Angeles in 2001) has gone from being a space filler to one of the most popular icons in Japanese entertainment.

Join them as they make this world so insane it's hilarious!


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